About Us

Investment & Construction CompanyGBH Smart Investment

Not long ago, investing in commercial real estate required significant investments and was available only to large investors.

Our goal and mission are to make investing in commercial real estate accessible to everyone.

We offer co-investment in well-established commercial real estate property, namely in apart-hotels in the south of Spain with high returns from 7.5% to 24%.
We also offer to invest in similar properties at the planning and construction stages.

Why is it profitable to invest in apart-hotels?

Apart-hotel is a business that operates all year round and generates monthly income.

The apart-hotels are managed by a professional team of the Management Company whose aim is to ensure maximum profit. If the investor is not satisfied with the profit, there is no need to change the hotel, it is enough to change the Management Company.

Besides receiving a regular income from the hotel’s operations, you become an owner of the property with a constantly growing market value.

All apart-hotels receive the necessary licenses and are placed in service fully equipped. These allow investors to receive income starting from the first month after the opening.

About Us

MANAGEMENT COMPANYGBH Hoteles y Apartamentos

The main priority of the management company is the comfort of our guests. Every day, every employee of the company makes every effort to provide our guests with professional and high-quality service. After receiving such a service, the guests are more likely to book again, as well as recommend our hotels to others. Due to high-quality service, we ensure high returns on investment to the owners and co-owners of the GBH apart-hotels.
Our responsibility includes the full cycle of the apart-hotel management. This model allows to control and provide high-quality service at each stage of the management:

Staffand quality control

  • Staff training
  • Standardization
  • Job instructions
  • Competency building

Supplyand equipment

  • Equipping the apartments
  • Technical maintenance
  • Housekeeping of aparthotels
  • Work with contractors

Managementand oficials

  • Contracting with suppliers
  • Quality control
  • Legal assistance
  • Financial planning and accounting

Marketingand sales

  • Sales strategy
  • Promotion strategy
  • Booking channels
  • Repeated sales stimulation


AparthotelCaballito de Mar

9 apartments Area: 476 m2 Expected profitability: 8.5%

AparthotelSan Jaime

6 apartments Area: 360m2 Expected profitability: 11%


7 studios Area: 398 m2 Expected profitability: 7.52%

AparthotelEstrella de Mar

9 studios Area: 449 m2 Expected profitability: 8.12%




11 studios Area: 449 m2 Expected profitability: 7.52%


Expected profitability: 8.5%

AparthotelSan Jaime 2

23 apartments Area: 1380 m2 Expected profitability: 8.5%